School News

School Newsletter No 8/2014

4 April 2014

Parent/ Teacher Interviews

Parent/teacher interviews will be held on Monday 7 April and Wednesday 9 April.

These are for Y1-3 students who are due an interim or birthday report and for all Y4-6 students. At the same time there will be a display showing the school’s plans and targets for improving the achievement of all students, in the Green Room next to the Pupil Entry. This is also the opportunity for the school’s Maori community to discuss plans and targets […]

School Newsletter No. 7/2014

31st March 2014

Dear Parents/Caregivers


We have started a photoboard at the office. The photoboard celebrates the great things that have happened at school this term. The students love it. Come and have a look. It is a great reminder of how exciting Term 1 has been.


The Senior Syndicate has been busy honing their maths skills through the Sumdog website. Sumdog has free mathematics games designed to engage students of all abilities. Using their individual login information, they have enjoyed playing other […]

School Newsletter No. 6/2014

Dear Parents/Caregivers

Stranger Danger

Today one of our students was spoken to by a man on her way to school. She was intimidated by him. Police have been informed and are doing extra patrols around the school. Just a reminder to talk to your child/ren about ways to keep safe on the way to and from school.

Paper Donation

Thank you to Michelle Park who recently donated boxes of paper to all our classrooms. Paper is a costly resource for the school and these […]

School Newsletter No. 5/2014

10th March 2014

Dear Parents/Caregivers

“The Great School Scavenger Hunt” – Wednesday 12 March, 7-8.45am

Upper Hutt City Council has organised a pre-school scavenger hunt event as part of Movin’ March, an active travel promotion aimed at getting kids active on their way to and from school. On Monday/Tuesday 10/11 March, all pupils will be sent home with an instruction sheet that contains clues which will lead them to the location of five letters on their walk to school. All of the letters […]

School Newsletter No. 4/2014

6th March 2014

Dear Parents/Caregivers

Resource Fee/Donation

Our voluntary resource fee for one year at Oxford Crescent School is:

One Child                  $60.00

Family                         $100.00

Thank you to those parents/caregivers who have already paid the resource fee/donation.

We greatly appreciate your early payment as this allows these funds to be used for the children this year. Library books, play and classroom equipment are not provided for by the Ministry. Our only source of income for these resources is your donation.

The voluntary resource fee […]

School Newsletter No. 3/2014

26th February 2014

Dear Parents/Caregivers

Interschool Cricket Competition

On Tuesday 25th February two teams from OCS went to Trentham Memorial Park to represent our school at the Upper Hutt Cricket Interschool Competition. Our school was one of eight to compete at this event. It was wonderful to have great parental support particularly from Cricket ‘Experts.’ Special thanks to Richard Price, Tim Clark and Mark Hawkins for helping coach and train the team. On the day we were assisted by Daniel & Melanie Marshall, […]

School Newsletter No. 2/2014

20th February 2014

Dear Parents/Caregivers

Scooter Safety Programme Reminder

The Scooter Safety Programme is a great success. Every child is getting an opportunity to use a scooter and they look very excited as they scooter around the school. The instructors bring helmets and scooters for the students to use. They bring elbow and knee pads, the use of which is optional. Your child is welcome to bring their own helmet as long as it fits correctly.

It is important that your child has suitable […]

School Newsletter No. 1/2014

12 th February 2014

Dear Parent/Caregiver

Welcome back to Oxford Crescent School for 2014.

We have had a great start to the school year and nearly all of our students have started with their schoolbooks. Thank you – it certainly makes for an organised start to the school year as students are taught how their books are to be set out in the first few days of Term 1

This year we are re-launching our Positive Behaviour for Learning programme (PB4L) as we believe […]