At Oxford Crescent School we have a school-wide approach to teaching appropriate behaviours. School expectations have been defined clearly and these are visible across the school and in every classroom. We encourage OCS students to be STARS.

OCS Shooting StarS          Safe
T          Team Players
A          Active Learners
R          Respectful

We actively teach these behaviours and reward our students when they demonstrate them.

The STARS system:

  • Each time a STAR behaviour is observed, students are given a star with the teacher clearly articulating the behaviour the student was demonstrating.
  • This star is put on the class STAR chart.
  • As soon as the class reaches 100 stars, they are rewarded with STAR time.

Class STAR Time

  • Each term possible options for STAR times are discussed with the students.
  • Each class has a STAR time kit which includes both indoor and outdoor activities.
  • STAR time is 20 minutes long and is either inside or outside.

starSchool STAR Time

  • Once the school STAR chart reaches 100 stars there is a school STAR time to celebrate.

Planning for School STAR Time

  • Each teacher has an activity planned for this.
  • A description of each activity is circulated to all students.
  • Every attempt is made to allow children their first choice for STAR time.
  • A newsletter goes home to invite parents to join us and informs them if a change of clothing or equipment is required.

Individual STAR Charts

  • These are sometimes used to support positive behaviour choices.
  • It may not be possible to include all behaviours on this chart. We narrow the focus to one or two areas e.g. safety, respect.