PB4L Summary

OCS Shooting StarWe have developed the Oxford Crescent School STAR programme to help our students learn to behave appropriately and positively in our school setting.

We are currently part of the Ministry of Education’s ‘Positive Behaviour for Learning’ programme. Teachers have been trained in the programme and we have developed our school behaviour expectations, our STAR logo, reward systems and a set of lessons around how to be an Oxford Crescent School STAR.

An Oxford Crescent School STAR is Safe, a Team Player, an Active Learner and Respectful. We actively teach these behaviours through a series of lessons we have written about appropriate school behaviour. These lessons cover topics such as Good Manners Matter, The Great Outdoors – Keeping Safe, and How to Be an Active Learner.

We reward our students with STARs when they display the qualities of an OCS STAR. Students earn class STAR times and these STAR times culminate in a schoolwide STAR time.

Parent and caregivers are welcome to join us for our school STAR celebrations. We have great fun.