This year we are moving towards electronic communication using the new Signmee™ communications management system. This system is web based, so it can be accessed on the Internet using a web browser such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.

Signmee™ works in a similar manner to email. Parents/guardians have a personal account linked to the school account. Through this personal account you will be able to receive and respond to school communications. Like email, Signmee™ lets you open and view a school notice – so no more relying on students bringing notices home in their school bags! It also allows you to respond directly online, making signing permission slips, responding and paying a simple task for parents – anytime, anywhere, using any electronic device with web access. We plan to look at the ability to make payments online once we have this service established.

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Getting Started with Signmee™

We are in the process of setting up our School Signmee™ account. To assist us, we require current email addresses.  These email addresses will be used to send a connection invitation to you.


Download Signmee overview for parents PDF


Signmee™ Frequently Asked Questions

Is my information safe in Signmee?

Signmee™ takes the security of your information very seriously with SSL encryption to protect all data transfers, and a host of measures to prevent data attacks and loss.  It is important that you take security as seriously, by using a strong and secure password to protect your Signmee account. Never volunteer your password to anyone for any reason.  If you suspect your password has been compromised, please change it immediately. For more information on Signmee security, visit

Do I need to have an email address to use Signmee?

You need an email address to set up a Signmee account.  Once set up, your email will be used to alert you to any new communications in your Signmee account.  Other than that, your email has no part to play in viewing, responding, paying or signing your communications.

When do I set up my account?

You can set up your account now at   Then, when the school sends you an invitation to connect, you will simply accept the invite and log in.  If you prefer to wait, you can set up your account once you receive the school invite. Once you ‘Accept Invite’, you will need to select ‘register now’ and create a Signmee account.  After accepting the invite and opening your account, you will be asked to accept the connection terms and conditions before you begin to receive school communications.

Do we (my husband and I) both need a Signmee account, or can we have one per family?

It is recommended that all parents/guardians set up a personal Signmee account and connect to the school. When a communication is sent, both parents will be able to view and respond if necessary. In most instances, only one response is required (e.g. excursion consent signature). When one parent responds the other parent will see that the communication is flagged as ‘complete’, and has a status of “read only”. Both parents will see who responded, what the response was, and when it was responded to.  The school will also see this from the linked school account.

What happens to our communications when we move on to another school?

Your Signmee account stays with you forever.  You will always have access to all the communications you have received and responded to.  When you leave our school (i.e. your child moves on to secondary school), we will remove you from our contacts.

I have three children at the school.  Do I need three different Signmee accounts?

No.  The beauty of Signmee is that one parents account can be linked to the school for multiple children.  All communications in Signmee have a “for” column.  This allows you to see who the communication is linked to.  Better still, your Signmee account can be connected to other organizations or schools.  You may receive communications from your child’s sports club or any other organization who elect to use Signmee to manage communications.

 What if I do not have internet access at home?

You can use any smart phone with Internet connection to access Signmee.  If you do not have access to any device, you can use the school’s open access computers.  Contact the offices to discuss.

Will I always receive an SMS alert?

SMS notifications are controlled by the communication sender (the school).  Some Signmee agreements require urgent attention.  In such cases, we will use the SMS alert option to notify you to access your Signmee account. For less urgent communications, we may simply use the email alert facility only. SMS alerts can only be received by account holders who have provided a mobile/cell phone number, and selected the SMS alert setting.

Is a signature in Signmee considered the same as a written signature?

Yes.  Signmee makes you identify yourself, and is set up with a private key (password) for signing, which is legally binding based on the Electronic Transactions Act 1999.

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